Quran and Prayer Beads
                   Learning Qur'an is  a great blessing. We teach Qur'an with proper Tajweed. Our aim is to provide our courses to the students with at most ease and with affordable fee.
                        Teaching Qur'an and learning Qur'an has a great reward in this world and hereafter. The Quran will Intercede for Us on the Day of Judgement
Abu Umamah  related that the Prophet(Peace be up on him)  said: “Read the Quran, for indeed it will come on the Day of Standing (Judgement) as an intercessor for its companions.” [Muslim]The Quran Raises One's Status in this Life.

Are we ready for this at IQOA ? We welcome all learners of Qur'an to raise OUR Eemaan.

                Alhamdulillah ,   IQOA (IQRAQur'an Online Academy) started to provide the Qur'an education through Online in an interactive and effective manner for kids and adults.
            We provide our services to the Ummah without any age limit.We have students from different parts of the world like US , Australia etc


IQOA - Student from Australia

IQOA - Student from USA

Assalaamu alaikum,


My 5 year old child started online Quran classes with Iqra Qur'an Online Academy (IQOA) 4 months back and she progressed quite well. Now she can read and identify all the Arabic letters and even she can read words without any help. She learnt few duas  as well which she is practicing in her daily life and now learning surahs and I am pretty sure she can read Quran in couple of months. I highly recommend IQO Academy for a beginner and even those who know Arabic can learn to pronounce correctly & recite Quran beautifully.

Assalaamu alaikum,


My 10 year old son started online Quran classes with Iqra Qur'an Online Academy (IQOA).My son's tutor is very dedicated, knowledgeable and understanding. Took fair time to understand my son's caliber and adjusted the curriculum. I found Tutor as flexible with time scheduling. An excellent teacher overall.

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